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A podcast on teaching with writing in Higher Ed. Practical methods and ideas on how to use writing as a teaching tool. Recorded by UiB Write, the writing support initiative at the University of Bergen.

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Tuesday Aug 22, 2023

Bente Kristiansen ved Centre for Educational Development, Aarhus universitet, arbeider med akademisk kommunikasjon og særlig akademiske kyndighet, "academic literacy".
Akademisk literacy handler om kompetansen til å kommunisere i et bestemt akademisk diskurs-felleskap. Det er først og fremst noe studentene utvikler i fagene, heller enn generisk ferdighet som man lærer i egne kurs. Vi diskuterer hvordan man i høyere utdanning kan støtte studentenes utvikling av akademisk kyndighet, særlig skriving og lesning.
Kristiansen har bl.a. forfattet boken Om at skrive på Universitetet, som akkurat har kommet i ny utgave.

Tuesday Mar 28, 2023

I denne episoden snakker vi med Marit Greek og Kari Mari Jonsmoen ved Oslo Met om hvordan vi kan støtte studenter med norsk som andrespråk i høyere utdanning. Dette trede og siste del av en lengre samtale om tekstkyndighet.

Monday Mar 27, 2023

I episode 2:3 med Marit Greek og Kari Mari Jonsmoen ved Oslo Met, diskuterer vi hvilke skriveerfaringer nye studenter har med seg fra skolen og hvordan vi i høyere utdanning støtet studentenes møte med fagtekster og fagskriving. 

Monday Mar 27, 2023

Marit Greek og Kari Mari Jonsmoen ved Oslo Met har over lang tid forsket på hvordan elever og studenter skriver og utvikler skriveferdigheter. Vi møter de i tre episoder. I episode 1:3 er temaet tekstkyndighet og skrivestøtte.

Monday Sep 07, 2020

Siân Lund, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Coordinator at the Royal College of Art, has developed a booklet as a pedagogical tool to help MA-students in Art and Design understand what tutors expect from their writing and academic communication. The booklet is based on interviews with tutors and gives the students insights into how to develop and position their identity through writing.

Thursday Apr 16, 2020

Ruth Wiederkehr and Marie-Thérèse Rudolf von Rohr from the University of Applied Sciences of NW-Switzerland talk about methods and challenges for teaching technical writing to engineering students. Students must master genres like the technical report, but also tailor information to a non-scientific audience. In six sequential research projects, they are introduced to diverse skills that continuously enhance their writing.

A workshop about identity

Thursday Mar 12, 2020

Thursday Mar 12, 2020

Randi W. Stebbins, Director of the University of Iceland Center for Writing, has borrowed methodologies from Creative Writing to help students recognize and develop their identities as academic writers. In a workshop, participants are given three activities to complete - an identity wheel, freewriting, and a task to connect their identity to the community.

Wednesday Jan 08, 2020

Lotte Rienecker, co-author of The Good Paper (2017) and numerous books and articles on academic writing, discusses examples on research questions and gives advice on how to teach and supervise research questions in BA-papers. She presents a research question checklist and practical tasks for students.

Friday Jan 03, 2020

Peter Thomas, Senior Lecturer in Academic Writing and Language at Middlesex University, talks about teaching writing to Art and Design students. Together with his colleague Grace Lees-Maffei, he has used posters and poster-sessions as teaching tools and conducted a study on how students engage with and perceive this genre. Why are posters useful to fuse theoretical knowledge and practice-based learning?

Friday Jan 03, 2020

Tine Wirenfeldt Jensen, PhD in Learning & Education and owner of the educational development consultancy METoDo, talks to UiB Write about how a focus on plagiarism and the use of plagiarism detection software impacts students' writing development and their identity and independence as writers.

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